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E-Warranty Registration

Welcome to TEK Beddings' E-Warranty registration. Our warranty covers up to a period of 12 years.

Terms And Conditions Of Warranty

1. The warranty is considered void if the mattress is found to be soiled or in an unhygienic, or unsanitary condition.

2. Normal wear and tear of parts like fabric, upholstery padding is not covered by this warranty.

3. Body impressions are a normal phenomenon and not considered as structural defects. Impressions less than 1.5″ are not considered defects.

4. This warranty does not apply if the foundation system is found to be inferior, weak or inadequate.

5. Transfer of ownership, other than the original buyer or rental of mattress is strictly prohibited and the warranty will be treated as void.

6. This warranty will be void if there is abuse, misuse or improper care of the mattress.

7. A minimum transportation fee of S$50 is applicable.

8. Other separate services and handling charges will also apply.

9. If identical materials are not available, the manufacturer reserves the right to substitute materials of equal quality.

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